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Growth driven by artificial intelligence

The AI revolution is upon us, and businesses that do not embrace AI risk falling behind. Leverage our AI-as-a-Service platform and make the leap today.

Yellow donut graph of 81%
81% of employees believe AI improves their overall work performance


Accenture, Reworking the Revolution, 2018

Yellow donut graph of 74%
74% of C-level executives say they plan to use AI to automate tasks


SnapLogic, 2021

AI Solutions

Don't miss out on the AI revolution

Find out how Giant Leap can fine-tune existing AI/ML technologies to bypass the significant upfront costs that typically come with building AI.

An example of a Giant Leap chatbot

Conversational AI Chatbot

With Giant Leap's chatbot handling routine requests, humans can concentrate on addressing more complex issues.

  • Streamlined customer service
  • Easy website navigation
  • Handle frequently asked questions easily

Fraud Detector

Recognize fraud faster and more accurately with AI, so you can concentrate your efforts on your core business and providing a trusted service for your clients.

  • Faster and more efficient fraud detection
  • Increased accuracy
  • Cost-effective
An example of a Giant Leap blog post

Text Generation

Focus on your creativity by having AI write for you. Save time, avoid errors and go to market faster. Our text generator service uses the latest AI techniques to produce text that reads like a human wrote it.

  • Fluent text generation
  • Targeted text generation
  • Fast writing

A giant leap for your business

The question is no longer if a company should use AI, but where it brings the greatest advantage. Contact us to find out how your company can leverage AI.